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The NCO Essentials Mega-Bundle includes 1,656 done-for-you resources, so that EVERY counseling, award, and NCOER is right, fast, and on-time.

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Why most NCO's fail with essential skills

When I was a new NCO, I struggled to get the help and support I needed to properly complete counseling statements, award recommendations, and my own NCOER support form.

Like you, I did understand my duties and responsibilities as an NCO.

The problem was completing and submitting the necessary DA Forms on-time was like solving a simple puzzle without the edge pieces to serve as the starting point. The picture was clear and obvious, but hard to just get started.

Again, getting started was the hard part for me. The format, the wording, and repeatability kept me from getting started, caused me to submit things late, and shook my confidence.

I quickly learned that I was not alone and that other NCO's like me also struggled with this same problem.

So, I made it my mission to solve this problem once and for all. I invested the time and energy to create a simple and repeatable process that would allow me start fast, finish faster, and never get stuck in limbo again.

Creating a growing library of proven and tested templates and examples was my winning formula to success.

Fast forward to today and the result has been transformational for so many NCO's. No longer do you have to stare into the dark abyss of a blank document... now, just choose the right template, plug in a few details, and complete the entire process fast (often in less than 15-minutes).

The problem is that I couldn't figure out the right format and words to get started fast, and missed deadlines as a result... and this is why most NCO's fail.

I didn't have a plan. I didn't have templates and examples to follow. I didn't have another NCO that was willing to help me. I just had the desire to solve this problem once and for all.

You now have the ability to easily solve this for yourself and to teach other NCO's along the way. But unless you have the step-by-step process and a library of proven templates and examples instantly accessible, you won't be able to solve your most immediate struggle.


The NCO Essentials Mega-Bundle includes 1,656 done-for-you resources, so that EVERY counseling, award, and NCOER is right, fast, and on-time.

With the NCO Essentials Mega-Bundle You Get:

1️⃣ A proven step-by-step process in each template and resource pack, so you always work the right things, in the right order.

2️⃣ The skill and knowledge to quickly choose the perfect solution for each unique situation you face.

3️⃣ The relief of starting with an 80% done-for-you template, only needing a few easy to add details to complete and submit.

4️⃣ Confidence in knowing you will save tons of time and never feel frustrated or overwhelmed by a looming deadline.

The NCO Essentials Mega-Bundle Solutions Path...

SOLUTION #1 (Counseling Your Soldiers)

Counseling Templates Mega-Pack!

Get 101 proven counseling templates on nearly any situation you will ever face. Our DA Form 4187 templates are 80% done-for-you, fillable, and only need Soldier data and a few unique facts.

SOLUTION #2 (Recommending Awards)

Award Examples Mega-Pack! 

The award package includes more than 400 done-for-you achievement statements and example citations to make submitting your DA Form 638 fast, right, and on-time!

SOLUTION #3 (Evaluating Performance)

NCOER Examples Mega-Pack!

The NCOER Writer's Guide includes more than 1,100 proven performance statements that you can plug in to any DA Form 2166 NCOER or Support Form. You will never be at a loss for words again!

SOLUTION #4 (Managing Your Team)

NCO Leader's Book (Fillable)

Track your Soldiers' and your team with the critical information you need, at a moments notice. Never get caught flat-footed again with this simple to use, form-fillable, and powerful NCO tool.

But that's not all! The NCO Essentials Mega-Bundle also comes with these BONUSES to make the process easier...

Bonus #1: Weekly Virtual Meetups

Get every question answered and never get stuck again while completing your work and serving your team. Can't attend live? Submit your question(s) in advance and watch the replay for your answer(s) from experienced NCO leaders.

Bonus #2: Access to Our Private NCO Community

No social media distractions, just high level conversations with other ambitious Army NCO's, with support and encouragement to help you win.

Bonus #3: NCO Leadership Workshop

This video training will reduce the negative burdens of NCO leadership and teach you how to get loyal soldiers that follow you anywhere!

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