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Being an NCO doesn’t have to be lonely.

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It’s Not Easy Being An NCO...

Are you exhausted from constantly facing roadblocks, blocking your path to greatness?

Your work-life balance feels out of whack.

Maybe your NCO peers do not share the same enthusiastic approach as you.

Perhaps you feel unsupported in your journey, with nowhere to turn.

Maybe it’s difficult to confide in your peers for fear of judgment? How can you share your innermost thoughts, admit when you’re struggling or ask for help when you’re supposed to be firm and tough, able to deal with your feelings.

You want to excel. You’re desperate to succeed in your career. You want to give your kids the life you never had. You want to make your family proud by moving through the ranks and making something of yourself.

But there's something in your way...

Is it your peers, are they holding you back? The pack mentality has got hold of them, and you’re the odd one out. They think you’re too keen. Too big for your boots.

In other words, you’re scared to stick your head up outside of the bunker.

Is your mindset stopping you? You just don’t believe in yourself, even though you know you should. The imposter syndrome has engulfed you.

You feel isolated - you have no one to turn to. You need advice on how to best approach your situation - but you don’t know how to do this?

The gaps in your education are discouraging you. As a result, you’re finding yourself losing motivation and momentum along the way.

Growth and development training - what even is that? You’ve never even heard of it, let alone be offered any.

The frustration is eating away at you. You know you could be achieving more if you had the right mindset and the right people around you.

What you’re lacking is optimization.

  • What you’re lacking is optimization
  • Optimization of your time, optimization of your training, optimization of your leadership
  • Optimization of those around you
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Craving The Freedom To Be You?

But how can you optimize your network when you can’t seek support from those around you?

You can’t ask for feedback, guidance, or advice through fear of judgment. You can’t talk through a difficult situation for the worry of what your peers might say about you.

The pack mentality that you’ve found yourself in makes it hard to be vulnerable.

You need to connect to a culturally and professionally diverse range of Army NCOs who support and inspire one another.

You need to tap into an encouraging group of like-minded people. Only then will you optimize and be able to make the progress you desire.

A group of people who build you up, stimulate you, inspire you, invigorate you.

Imagine a place where you could alleviate your fears, have your questions answered, and discuss your innermost thoughts, completely free of judgment - no questioning or mocking.

Just the freedom to be you.

You're surrounded by people who want to achieve, just like you do! An ambitious network of fellow NCOs.

A recent study by Atlassian shows that teams with an open workstyle are 80% more likely to report ‘high emotional well-being.’

An open workstyle = “the freedom to share information and ideas, opportunities to weigh in on decisions and strong interpersonal connections within the group.”

They found that “being able to share personal information and feeling respected by teammates are the biggest drivers of emotional health.”

Atlassian also found that groups with an open work style were 60% more likely to achieve more and faster than those who worked alone.

This proves that being in a group where you feel supported, can make great connections, and input into important decisions can significantly benefit your emotional well-being and productivity.

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You Deserve More…

But truthfully, I know how isolating it can feel to be different from the pack. The anomaly. I was the NCO who struggled to find my path to success. As a young SGT, I was gung-ho and driven to be successful, and just like you, I felt alone.

I soon realized that it didn’t need to be like that.

I learned that if I was going to get ahead in my career, I had to surround myself with like-minded NCOs. Those who wanted to excel. Push themselves. Achieve.

Once I realized I was not alone and could have honest conversations with NCOs I trusted, I began to work through each of my demons.

I’d found people I could lean on, people who could help me through anything.

I began to build a network of confidants - NCOs I knew had my back and wouldn't judge me based on my fears of failure.

Listen, I'm living proof that tapping into a network of supportive, encouraging, and inspiring peer NCOs can help you develop a life-changing growth mindset.

I want to help other NCOs feel the power of a network like I did.

I want you to realize you are not alone. I don’t want you to go through what I did.

Because I’ve been there, it’s now my mission to provide struggling NCOs with a safe space to grow, develop and learn. To create a platform solely focused on helping NCOs excel in their career. To provide a place for NCOs to seek guidance without fear of judgment.

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I'm Steven Foust...

I served 13-years on active duty in the United States Army. After leaving Active Duty, I joined the Army Reserve and completed an additional 8 years in multiple leadership roles before retiring with more than 20-years of total service.

After the Army, I became a sought after leadership expert and advanced to Senior Executive positions in several Fortune 100 companies. I currently help leaders at all levels get promoted faster and grow their careers.

As a former NCO that climbed the ranks like you (PVT to SFC in my case) then transitioned to become a Chief Warrant Officer (CW3), I've seen first hand the struggles of finding the support and resources I needed and when I most needed them, so I could create the Army career and life I wanted most.

One HUGE problem I faced was my struggle to find other NCO's who shared similar challenges, had similar goals, also ambitious about their career, and were passionate about balancing career and family.

Once I discovered other NCO's like me, we created a tightly knitted group that supported each other through thick and thin. The accountability, support, and encouragement we shared provided each of us with additional momentum and confidence to overcome challenges. We could not have accomplished this on our own.

I have walked in your shoes and faced the very same challenges. I will help you pour fuel on your Army career, life balance, and beyond.

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If You’re Tired Of...

  •  Feeling lonely, with no support network to lean on
  •  Losing momentum because of the gaps in education
  •  Being isolated from your peers, feeling like the odd one out
  •  Seeing a decline in your career progression
  •  Lacking optimization in all areas of your life
  •  Feeling like a lackluster NCO leader, knowing that you could achieve so much more

Then it’s time to optimize your life and join…

The NCO Success Academy

The NCO Success Academy is a platform that helps frustrated, isolated, and unfulfilled NCOs carve out the Army career they deserve.

By joining The NCO Success Academy and connecting to an informative, supportive and non-judgmental community, you’ll gain feedback, improve your leadership skills and develop a growth mindset.

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Carve Out The Career You Deserve

What you’ll get as a member of The NCO Success Academy

  • Monthly member Zoom calls, so you can get your burning questions answered
  • A content library full of tools, templates, and resources to help you claw back time
  • Real-life counseling examples, so you can learn from others experiences
  • Army awards writing program, enabling you to develop your creativity
  • NCOER writing program, so you'll have 1000+ examples to use on your own support form and when writing NCOER's
  • New leadership training modules are added regularly, filling the gap between formal NCOES schooling and keeping your career fresh and moving forward
  • A members-only community forum for you to share your wins, challenges and ask questions

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“But how do I know The NCO Success Academy will make a difference to my life?”

By joining this encouraging and inspiring membership community, I promise that...

  • You’ll feel encouraged by the supportive, growth-focused membership. The outcome? You are optimizing your role as an NCO and a leader, meaning you’ll be an inspiration to those around you
  • You’ll move through the ranks at a pace you’re happy with because you’ve adopted a diverse, confident, and focused mindset that is changing the outlook of your army career
  • You’ll bridge the gap between formal schooling and see a vast improvement in your leadership and growth development - allowing you to feel more confident in your role as NCO
  • You’ll feel connected, seen, and understood by the group, who you’ll feel comfortable confiding in. You’ll be able to talk through your concerns, ask for feedback and develop your skills without fear of judgment
  • You’ll improve your skills by having your questions answered. Your confidence will continue to grow, meaning you’ll move through the ranks at a speed you're happy with
  • You’ll feel inspired by your culturally and professionally diverse network of peers, which will develop your interpersonal skills, making you a more effective leader
  • You’ll learn how to optimize your time and workflow, meaning you’ll be able to spend more time with loved ones. You’ll finally be able to attend those all-important dance recitals or graduation parties
  • You’ll see a marked improvement in your mental wellbeing, meaning your time with family and friends is more joyful, more relaxed, and more enjoyable. You’ll no longer carry the burden of career frustration around with you 

But, The NCO Success Academy is not for you if…

  • You’re judgmental of others. I pride ourselves on creating a safe space for members to discuss anything they want to, free from the judgment of others
  • You want an easy path to success. As they say - nothing worth having comes easy. It’s a platform designed to support those who are determined to succeed
  • You want to go it alone. The NCO Success Academy is a community led platform, meaning all members should be comfortable working and developing as part of a team
Get Your First Month For Just $5.00!

The True Cost Of Career Progression

“What would this growth and development training cost outside of the membership?”

You’d pay upwards of $200 an hour to work with a leadership or mindset coach.

Or maybe you decide to work with an Army career coach, which would easily cost over $200 per hour.

Growth and development training can cost over $2,500 for an 8-week program.

Purchasing books, resources, and tools could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Not forgetting the countless hours you could spend trawling the internet for answers to your questions, advice on being a better leader, or optimization tips. When your time is so limited, it’s precious to you.

If you added all of these costs together, your total could exceed $3,000 per month. Not counting your valuable time...

Get Your First Month For Just $5.00!

The NCO Success Academy costs a fraction of that - at only $39.00 per month (Start for just $5.00)

Yes, that’s right, for less than $10 per week for round the clock access to: 

  • A content library full of tools, templates, and resources to help you claw back time
  • Real-life counseling examples, so you can learn from others experiences
  • Army awards writing program, enabling you to develop your creativity
  • NCOER writing program, so you'll have 1,000+ examples to use on your own support form and when writing NCOER's
  • New leadership training modules are added regularly, filling the gap between formal NCOES schooling and keeping your career fresh and moving forward
  • A private members-only community forum for you to share your wins, challenges and ask questions


  • Monthly member live training and Zoom calls so you can get your burning questions answered, and
  • Unlimited private mentoring/coaching - on any topic and whenever you need it most!

Membership prices are increased regularly, join now to lock in your rate at $39.00 per month, before it rises.

Get Your First Month For Just $5.00!

In One Year, You’ll Look Back Thankfully.

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Once you’ve logged into the membership portal, you will be taken to your dashboard that looks like this:

Here you can access everything within the membership portal.

The monthly Zoom calls will be scheduled three weeks in advance (so you have plenty of notice) and you can submit your questions via email or ask them live on the call.

A Risk-Free Commitment To Yourself

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What happens if I sign up?

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