Your Army NCO Career

Your Army NCO Career

Hosted by: Steven Foust

Attention Army NCO's! Get the information, training, support and encouragement you need most to level up your NCO career, get promoted faster, and lead a more balanced and productive life.

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Don't Be a Dumb Ass!

In this episode I talk with my good friend, Michael Tanner, of the Credible Leadership Group. As a former Marine Corp NCO, Michael knows a thing or two about leadership and shares some knowledge bombs during our...
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Let's Raise Your ASVAB (AFCT) Scores!

In this episode, I discuss improving your ASVAB (AFCT) scores with Mickey Gamonal of ASVAB Domination. Mickey is a ASVAB (AFCT) expert, tutor and coach that helps Soldiers prepare for and successfully retake the test,...
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Leading as a First Time NCO

Episode #3

Transitioning from a Soldier to an NCO leader can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. Once you recognize the true impact of relationships, trust, and are on your way to a successful transition.In...
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Leading Soldiers Through Rank or Influence?

Episode #2

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, and colors. A leader is a special human being. You have leaders who lead through rank and authority, and they get their soldiers and team members to do the things...
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Episode #1

Welcome to Your Army NCO Career Podcast!  I'll share with you what to expect on this journey together as we dive into the world of Army Enlisted and NCO promotions, points, training, and other hot topics!To learn more...
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