Hi, I'm CW3 (Ret) Steven Foust

I served 13-years on active duty in the United States Army. After leaving the active service, I joined the United States Army Reserve and completed an additional 8 years in multiple leadership roles before retiring from the Army with more than 20-years of total service.

As a former NCO that climbed the ranks like you (PVT to SFC in my case) then transitioned to the Warrant Officer Corps (CW3), I've seen first hand the struggles of finding the support and resources I needed and when I most needed them, so I could create the Army career and life I wanted most.

One HUGE problem I faced was my struggle to find other NCO's who shared similar challenges, had similar goals, also ambitious about their career, and were passionate about balancing career and family.

Once I discovered other NCO's like me, we created a tightly knitted group that supported each other through thick and thin. The accountability, support, and encouragement we shared provided each of us with additional momentum and confidence to overcome challenges. We could not have accomplished this on our own.

I have walked in your shoes and faced the very same challenges. I will help you pour fuel on your Army career, life balance, and beyond.

I have personally done it and will show you the process and secrets you must know to achieve the exact same outcome!

I now reside in beautiful Chandler, Arizona with my wife, Nadia and our two boys. My combination of military service and more that 20-years of civilian corporate leadership have positioned me as the go-to resource for overcoming barriers that you are working hard to overcome.


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My Army Journey

I quickly climbed the enlisted ranks, from PVT/E-1 to SFC/E-7 in 8-years, and fast tracked to SSG/E-6 in less than 5 years. This happened while in a very technical MOS that was critically overstaffed at the time and known for promoting slowly.

At the time, I had achieved 98% of all available promotion points (784 out of 800 max). As a result of this high points total, I received the only promotion within the prior 12-month period in my MOS, which was 15G, Aircraft Structural Repairer.

Experiencing these benefits first-hand, I turned my success and knowledge toward helping other soldiers achieve the exact same result as I did. I was later able to use my promotion point strategies to help in my selection to Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS), where I spent the balance of my active duty and reserve career.

I think of it like this... if you want to learn the fastest way to build a house, you can study confusing blueprints and books, or you can call up the world’s best home builder and spend time learning from their experience and mistakes. 

As a result, I am blessed to hold a Bachelor’s in Business Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Doctoral Certificate in Information Systems. Teaching and serving others have always been in my DNA and as such I have spent 15+ years teaching Online courses for several different colleges and Universities, some of which are closely related to the Army today.

Helping Army NCO's go from struggle to success is what I thrive on most and I look forward to serving you through my free resources and tools, or through my higher-level and exclusive community, the NCO Success Academy.

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Fast Forward to Today...

I'm an aerospace business and leadership executive, life-coach, podcaster, online course creator, NCO membership site owner, and entrepreneur.

With more than 30 years of military, leadership, and business experience, I help military NCO's and business leaders crush performance and grow their careers, so they can regain balance and take their life to the next level!

My mission is simple.... to serve others by providing guidance that inspires action and transforms the trajectory of their NCO career and life. I help military NCO's and business leaders like you gain clarity, identify your "WHY", establish a road map and unlock the possibilities of your future.

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